Morgan Gallops towards the finish When your losing just go for it

Gary Morgan, eccentric millionaire with a twist, gave an impressive performance in the Herald Sun live blog. He powered through the hour answering more question then any other candidate and it was not just quantity, he answered over 52 questions, but also quality that counted.

Morgan who is running to support Peter Clarke in the Council election has published

One mailing and a small amount on printing. I’ve taken money from nobody.

Unlike Robert Doyle, Gary Morgan has attended all public functions and participated in the public debates. He was quick to attack Catherine Ng and Robert Doyle over their participation and attendance of meetings

[Comment From Tony] What do you say about Councillors who don’t show up to council meetings like Catherine Ng? How will you raise the standard of our representation?

It’s outrageous Cr Ng didn’t attend the meetings. Particularly, as she was chairwoman of the building and town planning committee. I will request that all councillors attend, unless they have a genuine excuse – Robert Doyle hasn’t attended many of the residential meetings over the [last] two weeks.

[Comment From coasting] Robert Doyle appears to be coasting to victory in this election, mainly on name recognition. Do you think it’s right someone could be elected with little scrutiny?

You’re correct. Blame the media. They have done a poor job in bringing the issues to the attention of the voters. He has to be favourite to win.

It is this last point that I particularly want to support “Blame the media”

The media has been rather remiss in not addressing the issues and being more critical of the various statements being made. The Age in particular has been appalling, pushing its hidden agenda and failing to publish or report faithfully replies to allegations made by Catherine Ng and others promoting a false ethos of “Keep Politics out of Politics.”

Peter McMullin whilst a prominent member of the ALP is running unendorsed. He has put together an impressive team which crosses the political divide. His candidate for Deputy Lord Mayor, Tim Wilson, is a senior member of the Liberal Party.

Just because someone has a commitment to public debate and the political process does not preclude them or limit their ability to represent Melbourne. To the contrary it is in many ways an added bonus as they can bring to bear their considerable experience and networks into play to benefit the city.

Catherine Ng herself is promoting Brian Shanahan as her lead candidate. Brian Shannahan is a member of the ALP who prior to the campaign had supported the notion of ALP endorsement.

Yes Political parties should not endorse candidates in local government (The only party that has is the Greens) but that should not preclude or prevent any candidate who is an active member of a political party from participating in community affairs. It is a cheap shot and one that does not stand up to proper scrutiny. Scrutiny that the media has not provided.

Morgans comments are worth reading. I have a soft spot for the Morgan family, Gary’s Morgan’s brother, Geoff (now deceased) was a strong supporter of local issues and yours truly.