Myers: The Gift Card from hell

Don’t look a gift card in the mouth. Unless it is a Myers Gift Card

The other day I was given a Myer Gift Card to the value of $100.  The gesture and gift was welcomed but not very useful.  The card cost the buyer $100 (There was no discount on offer – $100 for $100 card only).

Now there is not much I consider to be of interest or of value worth buying in Myers, so the gift card represented a bit of a problem.  I was thinking of giving it away but it got me thinking about gift cards per say and the problems associated with them and why they are not worth purchasing or giving away.

A store restricted card, such as a Myer Card, is of limited benefit to the person who is the receiver of the gift.  You are forced into spending it in Myers. The only one that benefits from the card is Myers.  What’s more they are a one time use card that you are just throw away when finished and they add to the rubbish and environmental pollution.

Not even Myer’s value it.  I tried to exchange the card for a more friendlier card a Coles/Myer/Office Works gift card. One that could be used in places that I am more likely to spend.  Unfortunately Myers would not accept the card as legal tender to buy the alternative card . Stuck with a Myer gift card, a gift card from hell, a card I could not use or exchange for another gift card sold in their store.

I ended up selling the card outside of Myers at a discounted rate. Some 30 minutes later and a lot of protest at what I consider to be an unfriendly, unhelpful store. I am told they sell on eBay for $85-$90. I was more interested at the time what others thought it was worth.  I did turn down a offer of $20. The $100 card was eventually sold for $50. (Photo of Jack the successful buyer – I hope it gives him more satisfaction then it gave me).

This brings me back to the question of gift cards and what a company, relative or friend can offer as an alternative.  A training voucher, a card that has broader appeal, a petrol voucher or even a Paypal or Myki card would be a better gift.  If you thinking of buying a gift card. Think again. Think about the environment and do not purchase or offer a Myer or store gift card.

Oh if your interested I intend to place the $50 in the church box. A charity gift card, if there is one, would be of more interest. Myers is not a charity.