bloody Oath State Government defers cutting constitutional ties with the monarchy

Victoria continues to retain colonial links to the British Monarch with the State Government declining to act to remove the constitutional requirement for State Politicians to swear an oath to the British Royal Family. – Herald Sun March 10

Undoubtedly the Liberal Party will try and make some political point scoring on this issue but in reality it will not change any votes as the issue is only significant in that it requires change. Change that is long overdue. Any oath of allegiance should be first and foremost to serving and representing the interests of Victoria’s constituents and not the Royal Family.

The State Government is right in deferring this change until after the November election but it
should not be out off for too long. It is also not a major issue of concern and certainly will not change voting intentions or voters assessment of the performance of the Bracks State Government which overall is positive.

Victoria as an independent state of Australia would be a welcomed change. We should also be considering changing the Victorian Flag to remove the Royal Crown and the requirement for Governor of Victoria to be appointed by Her Majesty as opposed to an appointment made with the approval of a joint sitting of State Parliament..