Melbourne Icon derailed Plans by the State Government to scrap W-Class trams

The Brumby State Government has announced plans to scrap Melbourne’s iconic W-Class trams. W-Class trams will only serve the Melbourne City Circle route.

The W-Class tram has been a national Icon, like that of the Sydney ferry, has served Melbourne for nearly a century and is recognised world over.

The W-Class trams should continue in service along the Toorak, St Kilda, Carlton and bayside routes during the summer months.

The proposal to abandon Melbourne’s W-Class trams is widely opposed by community groups such as the National Trust of Australia and Victorian tourism organisations

The W-Class tram with its opening doors and natural ventilation is well sought after and will be sold off to oversees buyers at a premium price.

Government’s come and go but the W-Class trams should stay forever

The decision by the State Government is reprehensible and demonstrates a lack of social and historic understanding and appreciation of what makes Melbourne, Melbourne. Those responsible for this decision should lose their jobs.

Once they have gone they are gone forever.

It is now incumbent on the Australian Government to place restrictions on the sale and export of this important part of Australia’s heritage.