Engineering Melbourne: Incompetence or careless oversight?

The City of Melbourne Traffic Engineers NEVER cease to amaze.

A brand new Domain Interchange in St Kilda Road.

New facilities and New Traffic Lights. Looks impressive and costs millions and the execution of the constriction works was impressive.  (Clearly the City of Melbourne were not coordinating the construction phase).

Cars exiting Park Street tuning right into St Kilda Road left in the dark as to the state of the traffic light once they cross the center road divide..

PROBLEM:  Whoever designed the traffic lights signaling just reinstated what was there.  They added a warning sign “Watch for Pedestrians”  HOWEVER traffic exiting Park Street and crossing St Kilda Road then turning right are left in the dark. Some “not so bright traffic engineer” or site design manager failed to install a right tuning arrow on the SE corner of this busy intersection.  A simple yet very useful design change. One extra light showing a turn right arrow is all that’s required to improve traffic flow and safety

What makes it worst is that the City of Melbourne had been informed and had received complaints about the traffic signals at this site and they have still failed to get it right.  I have complained about this site for years and I tthought (Wrongfully as it tuns out) that they will address this design flaw in the new Domain Interchange construction. . Haig Poulson, City Traffic Engineer Manager, was informed of this problem, but he obviously failed to note it or act on it. Too many coffees, too much money and no common sense.

This is an accident waiting to happen, It’s just a matter of traffic light timing, a moments hesitation, a car taking off traveling south. The absence of a right arrow signal that an City Engineer failed to install.