Cost of Russian junket blowout – $50,000 for 4 days

Elected on a “No Junket” policy costs of Robert Doyle’s Russian sortie has blown out from a previous announced $20,000 to a revised budget of $50,000. Robert Doyle told Radio 3AW host Neil Mitchel that cost of accommodation was being met by the Russian host city St. Petersburg.

With the cost of a Business class return ticket listed at between $4-6,000 per person where is the rest of the money going?

Yes Melbourne’s relationship with St Petersburg is a potential valuable resource BUT Doyle should be seeking to set an example and save ratepayers money and ensure that each cent is well spent and properly accounted for certainly the news of an additional $30,000 blow out in the budget is alarming.

For $50,000 I could live in Russia for two years. But to spend that amount in four days is unjustifiable. Maybe Robert should invite a independent observer to watch over the cost expenditure of the trip. We would be pleased to undertake that role for $5,000 🙂