Doyle, Costelleo and Kroger behind the sceans

There is ongoing speculation that Melbourne’s Lord Mayor, Robert Doyle is actively using City Council resources to manipulate and interfere with the Liberal Party Federal pre-selections which are being held this month. Doyle has teamed up with outgoing Liberal Party member Peter Costello and his long time friend and power broker Michael Kroger. Doyle staffer Tim Singh, who is on the Council payroll as Doyle’s media adviser, has been enlisted to promote and assist in the media smear campaign.

It is one thing for Doyle to be actively engaged in State and Federal Politics but it is another to be using Council resources leaving town hall open to the allegation of corruption. A quick review of the Lord Mayor’s telephone expenses will confirm the allegations.

If the allegation of Council staff involvement are true then this raises a number of issues that should be investigated by the State Government or the Ombudsman and brings the City Council once again into disrepute.