Gambling on the outcome

Poker machines and Australia’s addiction to gambling has dominated talks between Tasmania Independent elect Andrew Wilkie and the want-a-be leaders Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott.

Andrew Wilkie’s concern about Australia’s addition to gambling is not isolated and he joins fellow South Australian independent Senator Nick Xenophon in trying to curb the impact of gaming and the State governments addition to the gaming dollar.

One solution that has not yet been widely canvases is the proposal to have all gaming in Australia to be via a registered electronic gaming card similar to a debit card, removing the cash economy and providing a means of monitoring and limiting problems associated with gambling.

The Commonwealth Government can introduce a gaming card through its national financial and banking powers.

A gaming card can be issued only on production of photo ID a passport and or Tax file number. One card per person.

Problem gamblers could have limits placed on their betting habits or even denied access to an account. An electronic gaming card would also prevent the misue use of gaming as a means of laundering money.

Gaming cards could be issued by a central gaming authority database at licenced establishments.