Melbourne’s Pain is No Gain

The Napthine State Liberal Government has slugged Melbourne with a 33% increase in the “Congestion Tax” up from $900 to $1200 per car space.  The extra imposition of a parking tax will hit small businesses the most.  As the cost of travelling and shopping in the City centre increases more and more customers will opt to shop and do business at the suburban shopping centres were carparking is free.  This creates a never ending spiral. the greater the impost on business and retail , fewer customers increased costs, less trade, fewer businesses.

The City Council continues to engineer congestion. The reduction in traffic lanes in LaTobe street and the proposed reduction of lanes on Princes Bridge will add further to inner city congestion.

Last time the City Council had a windfall in the congestion tax the Council spent the money on the Orange Tourist buses and creating bike lanes.

It should have spent the money generated on establishing a mini bus route that links Melbourne’s inner suburbs. Why do we need to have large buses in the inner city area?

Better still rather than handing money over to the City Council to waste, The State Government  should provide free public transport within the City (Between Docklands/North Melbourne to East Melbourne, Domain Interchange/South Yarra to Parkville/Melbourne University and the Zoo)  Free inner city  public transport would go a long way towards invigorating Melbourne and providing residents and visitors alike a real benefit whilst easing traffic congestion..