Sussex Street Sucks: Political Knifes poised to strike.

The night of the long knives. There are many within the Victorian ALP that have set their sights on Sussex Street and the poor performance of the ALP CHQ (Campaign headquarters).

CHQ is criticized for running a disastrous campaign. They are the ones that tried to stage manage the event to the point where they placed the re-election of the ALP in the situation they now find themselves in. CHQ, based in Sydney, has steered the Federal election towards the rocks and the forthcoming shipwreck of the NSW State >abor Party. They should not have been allowed to manage the campaign.

As long as there is chance that the ALP can form a minority government the knives waiting CHQ and the NSW right will remain clenched tight behind backs waiting for the first strike.

Given the extent of the outcome Julia Gillard may be well advised to go into opposition and bide her time and start her campain for election from day one. She will only have to wait 18 months before the fragile coalition begins to crumble and a double dissolution is called.