A Department of Engineers and City of Melbourne engulfed in a "Cone of Silence"

Six days have past and still no information or comment by the City of Melbourne as to why the Swanston Street wall collapsed.

The City of Melbourne has a whole department of Structural Civil Engineers costing rate payers millions of dollars, surely they could shed some light and informatuion on this tragic event?

The Lord Mayor, Robert Doyle, has failed to comment as as other City Councillors. All are encased in a “Cone of Silence” 

Cr. Stephen Mayne, who is not known to be shy for words, has failed to make any comment on the wall, not even a tweet of condolance or any form of explanation

Green Councillors Rohan Leppert and Cathy Oake are also engulfed in the “Cone of Silence” as are the remaining City Councillors

I would hate to see them in action during a “real crisis”.

Meanwhile questions remain unanswered as to if a permit for the hoarding cladding the fatal wall and been issued and whether the design and construction of the plywood hoarding had met Council guidelines and public safety requirements