City Council child-care plan upsets parents

Reports today in the Age. (They have been asleep of late) highlight concerns of parents using City of Melbourne child care facilities about the closing of a City Council child care providing 19 child care places in the city centre.

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Whilst not wanting to get into the pros and cons of Council funded child care versus private child care facilities I must admit the information and arguments put forward by the Council administration smells of a hidden agenda.

If the need is so great they require bigger premises to service the demand then why would you close a facility that is working until you are in a position to open the new one?

You don’t throw someone out on the street whilst you build new housing.

The Council needs to provide more explanation as to it real agenda and the problems they face.

If its a question of finances then stop wasting money on overseas junkets and over priced staff accommodation.

Full support to concerns expressed by Cr Clark and Cr Snedden