Whilst Australia morns Robert Doyle flies out to Russia on his first junket

Victorians are in morning as it recalls the devastation and cost to lives and property following Saturdays devastating bush fire.

Record breaking temperatures and high winds fueled one of Victoria’s most tragic bush fires.

With over 130 recorded deaths, towns wiped off the map and untold destruction to wild life and the environment.

In the midst of this disaster it is comforting to know that our Lord mayor, The right Honorable Robert Doyle, has his priorities right.

Instead of donating the estimated $100,000 to the Red Cross Victorian Bush Fire Appeal -Robert has flown off to Russia to spend three days in the midst of the Russian cold winter, drinking vodka and enjoying the Russian hospitality.

One can not help but think under the circumstances he should have stayed at home.

Please support the Red Cross Appeal – Victoria needs your help