Pitchford pitches for renewal of his contract Council to decide tonight CEO’s future

Melbourne City Council’s beleaguered lack-luster CEO , David Pitchford, will tonight put0foward his application to have his contract renewed. Under the p[revisions of the local Government Act the Council must decide whether to renew Pitchford’s contract or call for fresh applications. if the later option is chosen Pitchford would have to put his name forward to consideration with any other applicants.

The City Council is said to not be overall impressed with David Pitchford’s performance.

To make matters worst for Melbourne’s incumbent CEO Scott Chapman, is an insider that is busy campaigning away to have a chance at ousting the CEO and taking his job. Melbourne CEO receives a $300,000 remuneration package plus additional benefits.

There has been rumors floating around the town hall for some time now that David Pitchford has been casting his net to see if there are any other opening around.

Mean while the numbers are being converted in what could be an upset to John So.

It could be that the City Council resolves to renew Pitchford’s contract one year to allow it more time to finalize arrangements. A similar arrangement was made with Micheal Malouf to allow Malouf to be seen to have exited on his own terms. Mr Malouf eventually found a position with the Carlton Football Club but as it turns out his tenure there is not looking good and there is talk that he too will be looking at an early retirement.

All will become clearer hopefully later tonight.