Hung Parliament: Decision to be made on the floor of the house

Julia Gillard has managed to hold on to what is a cliff hanger of an election. Neither the incumbent or the opposition leader can claim a win.

Convention has it that the incumbent prime-minister/government remains in office until the Governor General is advised otherwise. It could be that Julia calls for decision to be tested in the floor of the house with a vote of confidence in the government.

Questions to be considered by the Independents. Which Party held the majority of votes national wide and just as important which party contributed to the independents election.

Whilst the ALP has lost its majority the Liberal Party has also failed to secure a majority.

Odds are Australia will be going back to the polls if not within three months within the next 18 months.

The newly elected Senate will not take office until July 2011. We can expect that the next election will also be held on the back of a double dissolution no matter which party forms government.