Call to remove Free Booze from Council’s table

There is growing concern at the level of alcohol the Lord Mayor and Councillors are consuming leaving rate payers to pick up the tab.

The City Council along with members of State and Federal Parliaments need to set an example by removing alcohol from the table and replacing it with less intoxicating beverages. The City Council has a moral and legal duty of care. Staff and Councillors should not be drinking to excess.

Every time you see the Lord Mayor you begin to wonder just how much booze has he been drinking and what effect all this booze is having on his health.

Our City Councillors should undergo a blood test and health check admist concern that some may have a serious drinking problem. Alchole should only be available, if at all, on special occasions accompanied by a full meal. There must be limits placed on the amount of booze supplied to our City Councillors and statesmen. If the City Council provides free booze it encourages excessive drinking which in turn effects the bottom line and our City’s governance

The Lord Mayor, in spite his election promise, has retained the chauffeured driven limousine in order to ensure that he is safely driven from one function to another and returned home safe. At an estimated cost of over $100’000 for the driver and cost of running the limo plus the costs of top shelf beverages the office of the Lord Mayor is costing ratepayers well over half a million dollars a year.

Enough is enough. Our City deserves better, We can no longer support drunken councillors running our City. Booze must be removed from the menu. if Councillors want a drink then they can visit some of Melbourne’s bars and pay for it themselves. Rate Payers should not be expected to pick up the tab for their excessive drinking habits.