Will takes a Redwood dive bid for the Limo’s Keys

Will Fowles bid for the Lord Mayors Limousine took a dive when the ALP administrative committee rejected his bid for endorsement.

At a recent ALP branch meeting, Fowles proved he had potential but he failed to answer one question with substance preferring to dodge weave and avoid the real issues. (This is a talent that is in some quarters highly regarded)

His biggest mistake was jumping into bed with all time loser and failed former city Councillor Kate Redwood. Redwood has not once been elected to public office on her own merit. Her last stint was due to the good will and foolish nature of Peter McMullin who mistakenly put her number one on his ticket bid for the Lord Mayor back in 2001 before he opted to run for the City of Geelong. Peter McMullin we understand has no kind words to say about Redwood. (Join the queue)

Kate Redwood, who is a part time ALP member more interested in securing paid positions on cushy government committees of management, was renowned for milking the system and enjoying luxury visits back home to the UK at a cost to ratepayers of $20,000 for a ten day all expenses paid holiday “Fact finding tour” in the weeks leading up to the end of her term of office. Her bid for re-election in 2004 failed when she only received 600 votes.

Whats even more laudable is that Redwood preferenced John So’s Team and the Greens ahead of other ALP members preventing the ALP from electing two members of Council. The very people that Will Fowles claims he is trying to beat.

By selecting and announcing Redwood as his Deputy candidate before he consulted with the Party was his down fall and showed a serious lack of political judgement.

Whilst Will Fowles may have his families money to back up his play for the Lord Mayor’s Office it is highly unlikely he can win the seat in the Lord Mayor’s limo.

Being an endorsed ALP candidate would have made it that much harder as he would not have attracted the support of more conservative members of the electorate. He would have had to out-poll the Greens and local heroes, such as Kevin Chamberlain and John So, and hope that he collects 100% of available preferences to stay in the race.

When asked realistically what percentage of the vote does he expect to attract he had no idea.

Peter McMullin in 2001, also backed by his family fortune and with Kate Redwood on his team, failed miserably in his attempt to win against John “Bro” So.

Will Fowles is set to repeat McMullin’s triumph disaster.

The real problem facing Melbourne is the direct election model which Socialist Left’s Bob Cameron, then Minister for Local Government, introduced.