Bowtell to be preselected to trim the Green vote

Cath Bowtell, wife of Local Government Minister Chief of Staff, is expected to be preselected for the Federal Seat of Melbourne to replace outgoing Member and Minister for Finance Lindsay Tanner.

Sources close to Lindsay Tanner’s Office have indicated that Bowtell will be preselected unopposed with the united support of ALP right factions over left internal organiser, Andrew Giles, who was earlier thought to be odds on favorite.

Bowtell has strong credentials and is well suited to take on the Greens at the next Federal election expected to be held in late August early September.

Preselection for the federal seat of Melbourne is expected to be uncontested with the left fielding only one candidate. Left organiser Andrew Giles has been left out of consideration with many believing that Giles is not the right candidate for this seat. The ALP needs to preselect someone of high caliber who can take on the Greens and secure the seat against all comers. Cath Bowtell fits the bill.