Mayne seeks support from Morgan

Ex-Councillor and serial candidate Stephen Mayne, who stood for the State seat of Melbourne at last months by-election polled only 4% of the overall vote coming in 5th behind the Sex party and local independent David Nolte, is now seeking a seat on the City of Melbourne.

Stephen Mayne, who lives in Templestowe, under controversial circumstances has resigned from the Manningham City Council – two months out from the Local Government Municipal elections scheduled for October 2012.

It is understood that Stephen Mayne had negotiated a preference deal with the Greens in exchange for his support at last months Melbourne by-election. Analysis of Mayne’s Melbourne by-election votes indicates that he would not win a seat on the City Council in his own right, falling well short of the 10% quota required.

Stephen Mayne is seeking support from local identity, millionaire and power broker Gary Morgan. Whilst Morgan can not deliver a quota he could add a boost to Mayne’s campaign to remain in the count relying on a preferences flow on from the Greens.  The exact terms of any support and deals made have not been disclosed.

Stephen Mayne’s term of office on the Manningham City Council was fought with controversy and allegations of corruption and misuse of office. It looks like journalist Glenn Milne knew more than most when he spoke out against Stephen Mayne at the 2006 Walkley Wards