Betting on the outcome Odds have swung on the expected results of the Lord Mayor’s race

Sportingbet Australia have made a surprising change in the odds on offer for the outcome of the Lord Mayors Race, just as the Melbourne leader publishes a story on the Sportingbet’s “A” list candidates.

Prior to today Sportingbet had Peter McMullin (3.25), Robert Doyle (3.5) and Catherine Ng (3.8) listed as the favourites to win the Melbourne Spring Carnival closing event.

For reasons unknown the “A” list of candidates has changed overnight. Racing identity, Nick Columb (4.2 up from 11.0) has come from behind and overtaken Catherine Ng (5.0 down from 3.8) who has lost ground. Robert Doyle remains steady on 3.5 with Peter McMullin (3.4 down from 3.25) dropping slightly in his lead as the gap narrows.

The reason for this change of odds is unexplained as are the positioning in the betting table.

Could Nick Columb and his mates down at the track know something we don’t?