One Vote Melbourne City Councillor Peter Clarke misses chance to sit in Spring Street by one Vote

Melbourne City Councillor peter Clarke has missed by one vote his chance of seeking preselection for Warrandyte. Peter Clarke who lives in Eltham and is also a Melbourne City Councillor lost after the Liberal Party split 50/50 on two sucessive ballots. It was only after the thidd ballot than one vote changed camps and broke the deadlock. Regretfully Peter Clarke was on teh loosiong end and so was Ted Bailue.

Analysis of the Melbourne City Council 2004 Municipal election indicate that had Peter Clarke resigned form the City Council to take up the fight for Spring Street, yours truely would have been elected to the City Council on a countback. This would have had the administration in a hot sweat. The Council administration has previously gone to extra-ordinary efforts to avoid the election os those critical of Council administration and the extent of corruption never ceases to amaze or surrprise. (They are corrupt in this respect make no doubt about that). I wonder if this could have been a factor in Peters down fall and if teh City Council acted against Peter’s interests.

Had the fall of preferences been somewhat different Peter would have missed out on being elected in 2004, but the fact remains he is one of the more better perfomers on the City Council. Maybe he should consider running for the seat of Eltham, a harder seat but one that is close to Peter’s home.