Hidden Meetings: City of Melbourne Caught-out

The City of Melbourne has been exposed for breaching article 80A of the Local Government Act.

In accordance with section 80A of the Local Government Act 1989 (the Act), written records of assemblies of Councillors are to be reported at an ordinary meeting of the Council as soon as practicable.

On February 7 Maverick Councillor Stephen Mayne reported in his “Tweet” that he had in fact chaired an undisclosed unadvertised Finance and Governance Committee meeting

Enjoyed 90 minute session this afternoon chairing first Finance and Governance committee meeting at City of Melb. Lots of meaty debate.
— Stephen Mayne (@MayneReport) February 7, 2013

The Melbourne City Council holding secret meetings behind closed doors comes as no surprise, as they continue to deny public scrutiny of their actions.

A review of the City of Melbourne published report tabled for next weeks Council meeting fails to list or mention the meeting that Cr Mayne claimed he had chaired on February 7.

The failure of the Council administration to properly report all meetings of Councillors has highlighted the full extent and level of contempt the Council administration will go to to avoid disclosure and accountability.  Either Stephen Mayne has lied or misrepresented the Council in reporting his tweet or the City of Melbourne has been negligent or deliberately seeking to avoid reporting meetings of the Council.

Decisions made behind closed doors and unreported decisions by Council Staff under “delegation” leaves the City of Melbourne wide open to the allegation of ongoing corruption with the current City Council complacent to the deceit.