Melbourne’s Car City Council. Anti Car – Anti Bike

The Melbourne City Council’s proposal to seek to fine motorcyclists for parking on the foot path is another example of the City Council’s transport policy out of wack with reality.
The City Council would serve Melbourne and the environment better if it adopted a more Motorcycle friendly policy.  When we talk about Motorcycles we are not just taking about Harley Davidsons and the Leather and Chains. most motorcyclists that visit the city are motor scooters and bikes less then 350 cc.
The City Council’s transport policy ignores the needs and requirements of motorcycle and scooter riders as a preferred alternative to the Car,
The City Council does nothing to assist and encourage motorbikes as a preferred alternative means of transport. Bus and bicycle lanes abound the Cities arterial roads may often are underutilise as cyclests prefer to use less congested pathways.  The bicycle and bus lanes could be better designed to facilitate and allow small motorcycles and scooters to share the space. More often then not the city’s planners and engineers ignore or are oblivious to the the needs of motorcyclists.
The only benefit and support given to motorcyclists is the advantage of being able to park their bikes on the side of the of foot path, Out of the way from pedestrians.    they do not demand much and you do not see them campigining for thor rightful share of road funding.  the cost of motorcyle regsitration is excessive.
The recent push by the City Council to seek to fine motorcyclists and prevent them from taking advantage of their ability to park freely in the city is now under attack.
Motor cyclists have decided they will fight back.
If the council continues to pursue this policy motorcyclist Riders association has flagged that they will hit back at the stupidity of the council’s policy and will embark on a campaign of taking up space ear marked for Cars.  if this happens then the city will be under siege and traffic and commerce will come to a halt. Couriers and Business will be severely disadvantage.
The question is what harm does the motorcycles really create and what is the council planning to do to encourage and assit motorcycles as a viable alternative means of transport. 
Or is it the Council policy and hidden agenda to just allow bicyclists and the Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor’s Limos along with the City Council’s managers who rights of free parking (Do they pay fringe benefits) the right to access the City.
The Council would be better off providing better services and support for motorcyclists then seeking to bring the city to a halt.