Night Stalker Catherine Ng proposes city’s museums, galleries and churches open 24 x7

Melbourne City may soon have a 24 hour Art Gallery and City Museum if Catherine Ng has her way.

In a desperate move to attract attention

Catherine Ng who is chairwoman of the City Council’s planning committee has proposed that Melbourne Museum Art Galleys and Churches be open 24 hours a day so that Melbourne night life can benefit from the cultural and religious experiences. (Herald Sun) Cr. Ng failed to provide a costing for the proposal which came under criticism by other Candidates. Cr Peter McMullin, who is also chairman of the Melbourne Museum, said there Catherine Ng’s is in cloud cuckoo land, “there is no demand for a at night opening of the Museum” which is situated in the Carlton Gardens.

Meanwhile scare tactics have infiltrated Gary Singer’s campaign who came out and criticised proposed development of the Queen Victoria Market car park site. The QV site has long been the subject of proposed development and McMullins plan of action is not new but loNg over due. The Queen Victoria market was built on an early colonial settlement grave yard and if any development takes place any remains would be exhumed and reburied as was the case when the Market was first built.

Gary Singer like Catherine Ng are showing signs of desperation in promoting horror stories of “digging up dead” and their desire for more night life activity.

Could it be that Catherine Ng and Gary Singer are night crawlers and if so could be of great interest to Buffy?