Where is the report. What does Cock do for his bucks?

Where is the report. What does Cock do for his bucks.

An anonymous writer wrote to us this week highlighting a report in the Age dating back to May 2006.

We are interested in knowing was such a report ever present and if so will it be tabled and made public.

It’s time to put an end to the secret Council business and restore open and transparent governance to Melbourne and put an end to the corruption and constant cover-ups.

We still have not received any news or information about the cost of Councils in house catering and free booze. Council is due to report on the costs of Council’s overseas junkets and Councillor expenses for the previous quarter. We will be there to summarise the facts and highlight the omissions.

Keep sending in your tidbits. There is a lot we hope to follow up on but as you understand we need to verify all claims. Thanks to the Tipster from the Governance Department for the information on the parking fine issue… It was very interesting.

Comment sent to us.

Diary has been waiting by the phone since May 10 for Melbourne City Council spin doctor Hayden Cock to explain why he sacked two media chiefs but we’re not the only ones wondering what he does to earn his $230,000-plus package. Watchdog warrior Councillor Catherine Ng asked the finance committee for a “detailed report” of the Corporate Affairs Directorate, which Mr Cocky heads, because his appointment had contributed to a blow-out in staff costs. “Do we need to have more people talking about what we’ve done or more people to do the job?” Cr Ng told Diary. Oh, Catherine, if only Mr Cocky would talk!