Gillard confirmed as Australia’s prime-minister

I have known Julia Gillard for over 25 years and worked with her for 6 years as a member of the ALP Branch executive in Carlton. She is very impressive and has the ability to cross bridges and secure broad factional support. She is without any doubt more then capable to secure a Labor second term.

Her election to the leadership and Prime Minister of Australia is welcomed and will underpin and secure a number of ALP Federal seats not only in Victoria but across Australia.

In attending the ALP State Conference last weekend there was ongoing discussion and broad support for Gillard on the conference floor and in the corridors outside.

It also needs to be stated that Gillard did not seek to undermine Kevin Rudd and the change in leadership should not be seen as a power grab. Gillard has always placed the interest of the Labor Party ahead of faction and her own personal interests.

He ascension to the PM position was enthusiastically embraced and has already reinvigorated the ALP.