Brian Walters Greens Policy Free Zone

The Age editorial endorsing the return of a Brumby Government highlighted the need for State planners and political parties to adopt policy that can contain the urban sprawl and growth of Melbourne. Both Labor and the Liberal Party have failed to put in place policies and planning for melbourne’s future growth.  This is the most pressing issue confronting Melbourne today.

In order to facilitate good governance and planning for Melbourne’s future it needs a central enlarged Greater Melbourne City administration.

The Greens candidate for Melbourne, Brian Walters, when ask to outline his policy and vision for a Great City of Melbourne stated he had no policy, no vision and proposal to address this issue. A policy free zoned on what is one of the most important environmental planning decision facing his electorate and the state.

Brian Walters does not deserve your support.  His only issue of concern has been his desire for recognition of Gay Marriage, An issue that falls within the authority of the Federal Marriage act is is not an issue of great concern to the Melbourne City electorate. Much more pressing issues such as the need for a Greater Melbourne City Council have been ignored

It is for this reason and the need to ensure we have a strong stable government that the Green’s should not be elected to represent inner city seats.