Sighs of relief As the US Democrats seize power

The results of the American election are in with the US Democrats wining the Mid Term elections.

Still unknown is the outcome of the the US Senate election which is tethering on a knifes edge.

4:00 a.m. (US) ET

Preliminary review of the US election results highlight the problems of the US first-past-the-post voting system with a number of seats determined by less then a majority of voters. In seats where there is more then 2 candidates running third party candidates take away votes from the two major parties. More then 50% of the US voters will go unrepresented.

To add to the distortion of the US voting system one state that will determine which party holds the balance of power is Montana with around 367,000 voters. Recent counting at 87% of the vote counted has the Democrats on 158,068 , the Republicans 153,453 and a third party ‘spoiler’ candidate on 8,279 votes.

The other US State still under contention, Virgina, has 2.4 Million voters with 99% of the vote counted the US Democrats are on 1,170,564. The Republicans 1,162,717 and a ‘spoiler’ on a slim 26,045.

America which portrays its self a “A democracy” would better serve and represent its people if it considered electoral reform similar to that in use in Australia. the outcome of an election should not be determined by less then a majority of voters. America should adopt a preferential voting system.