Hawking the truth

Bob and Hazel Hawke’s daughter is defending her mother after the release of a biography on the former prime minister.

In an article in Melbourne’s The Age, Sue Pieters-Hawke has responded to a biography written by her step-mother Blanche D’alpuget.

Ms Pieters-Hawke says suggestions her mother Hazel Hawke dreamt of living in the Lodge and that she stayed with her father because he was a good material provider are furthest from the truth.

She says a line has been crossed and inaccurate comments have been made that invite a rewriting of history.

Ms Pieters-Hawke says ill-informed and tawdry observations on deeply personal dimensions of a family’s life demean public conversation and political commentary.

She says she will not be watching what she classes as a C-grade telemovie of the biography and she has asked others not to take it seriously.

Hazel Hawke is suffering from advanced dementia and Ms Pieters-Hawke believes it is her obligation to speak on her mother’s behalf.