We wish QANTAS a not so merry Christmas and an even worst New YearThe uncompassionate Australian

Thanks for stealing my FF Points…

I gave you loyalty, that was misplaced. I saved and saved and saved some more and was only a few points off my dream holiday when they took away my 100,000 points.

The service sucked and they sucked me in.

I will never fly QANTAS Again.

QANTAS Service has significantly declined under the current management. It’s Safety record no longer merits a Rain Man quotation and soon the Federal Government will remove the 51% barrier.

I am in two minds on this issue. One side says that QANTAS should remain Australian and not go the way Vegemite has. The other says sell it. After 13 years of loyalty I now think QANTAS sucks and it is not worth saving. They can stick their red Kangaroo where its fits and I hope that the FF staff find themselves redundant because I could not give a rats about QANTAS anymore. I have a good mind to take them to the Consumer Affairs and complain about the poor quality of service and the fact that they have not delivered on past promises and service undertakings. So I guess I will vote against which ever way the QANTAS Board recommends.

They are no longer the Compassionate Australian.