Stolen power – Bid to place power lines underground fallen by the wayside

Melbourne City Council has failed to enforce an agreement that was signed between the City Council and the State Power companies that required them to underground Melbourne’s Power supply within 20 years. The agreement was signed at the time the City Power company was being acquired by the state to pave the way for Victoria’s private power regime.

The City Council has conveniently forgotten the agreement and has taken no steps to seek its enforcement leaving power company City Power to benefit from the forgotten policy and the city wondering when if at all Melbourne’s power will ever be underground. Similarly there was an agreement also struck with Optus to underground its cables that were allowed to be strung on the cities power polls adding to the visual blight that dominates Melbourne streetscape.

City Council Urban Planner Rob (Bamboo) Adams has bowed down to state power once again compromising his standing by not enforcing or monitoring Council policy and the agreement.