Lord Mayor’s Aide Milks Benefits Kevin Louey’s "Love Child" visits to China financed by Council

Kevin Louey, The Lord Mayor’s Chief of Staff, has been caught out using gifts to the City and Council funded trips to visit his love child in China

Louey has made more trips to China then any other member of staff and more then the Lord Mayor himself

Recent reports in the Herald Sun have exposed the founding of Louey’s travels. It is understood that Keven Louey’s has a child in China and is using Council related trips to visit his family and support his business connections in China.

A review of the Council’s travel register should outline all the overseas trips undertaken by the Lord Mayors aide. Under the terms of the Local Government Act all Councillors and members of staff must declare any interstate and overseas travel undertaken whether the trip is privately funded or paid for by the City Council or third party.

There is ongoing concern that the Travel Register may not be accurate and may not include all overseas staff travel. A review of Kevin Louey’s Council funded mobile telephone bill should be able to confirm when and where the Lord Mayors Chief of Staff has left the country and whether or not the Council’s travel registry has, as required by law, disclosed the nature of the trip

The other question that needs to be ask was John So aware of his staff rorting the system and if So what steps has he taken to report and stop this abuse?

It is incumbent on the Minister for Local Government to investigate these allegations further and to act accordingly to reassure the public that Kevin Louey has not misused and abused his position as the Lord Mayor’s Chief of Staff and possible breachs of the provisions of the Local Government Act.