Politics is becoming the preserve of professional careerists and
single-issue activists. I am neither. I have never been a member
of a political party, associated with a trade union or a developers’
lobby group. My only interest is in the people of Melbourne. Cities
and culture are my passions. For years I’ve been a guest presenter
on ABC radio, talking to leaders and listening to the people of
Melbourne. I understand the issues which make Melbourne tick.
My PhD in Anthropology, undertaken in the sprawling megacity
of Mumbai, asked the question ‘What makes community strong?’
My conclusion is just as applicable here: communities prosper
when they are connected to place; when their citizens can afford
the necessities of life; when their workers enjoy what they do and
outsiders are welcomed. My priorities if elected Melbourne’s frst
female Lord Mayor in almost 30 years – more than usually relevant
in this election – will be affordability, amenity, inclusion, safety and
integrity. Let’s address the culture of Town Hall, review the wrongheaded Victoria Market development, and above all work together.
Make Warhaft Lord Mayor. Let’s clean up the City of Melbourne.
More at Facebook @Vote1Warhaft

YANG, Jennifer

Jennifer Yang is running for Lord Mayor to end the toxic culture at
Town Hall. As a twice-elected Mayor of Manningham she knows
how to get things done. Jennifer will bring residents and small
businesses back into the heart of Council decision making. As
Lord Mayor, Jennifer will ban Councillors from drinking when on
Council business. She will double the pensioner rates rebate and
put more money into resident-led local park upgrades. She will cut
red tape for retailers and restaurants by abolishing unnecessary
Council licenses, freeze all rates until 2020, and immediately
commence a Council-wide expenditure review. Jennifer believes
that homelessness is a serious problem requiring a meaningful
and substantial response. That’s why she will build permanent
crisis accommodation to get those sleeping rough off our streets,
into safety and on the path to secure long-term accommodation.
Jennifer is a proven leader in Melbourne’s vibrant multicultural
community and a devoted working mother. She is passionate about
creating a city of diversity, equality and prosperity. Most importantly,
she has the experience and energy to get our great city back on

CAPP, Sally


Lord Mayor of Melbourne is a serious job, managing a budget of
almost $500 million and a daily population of almost a million
people. I bring the passion and credentials necessary for this job.
I love Melbourne and its people. I have studied, lived and worked
in Melbourne throughout my life. I was the CEO of the Committee
for Melbourne and represented Melbourne overseas. I have run
businesses big and small. I am an active participant in community
groups. I know what it takes to work with business, government
and the community to turn ideas into outcomes. I have the skills,
experience and passion to ensure we create the best possible city
for us all. I am confdent that my proven leadership and focus on
getting the basics right will improve Melbourne’s liveability. The
Lord Mayor is responsible for preparing Melbourne for our future so
that we can take advantage of ideas and opportunities to constantly
improve the city. I will work inclusively with the entire community
to deliver an open and transparent City of Melbourne and to lead a
council of which we can be proud. I ask for your support to provide
the new leadership Melbourne needs. vote1sallycapp.com.au

BURGE, Michael

Michael Burge OAM has worked in the CBD since 1994. Following
teaching electronics, media and psychology, Michael continues
in private practice psychology involving treatment, organizational
leadership coaching and trauma training courses for psychologists.
He has also participated in extensive voluntary community
work. He was a member of the inaugural Federal Government’s
Educational Multicultural Task Force and the Sir Edward Dunlop
Medical Research Foundation. He has consulted for years in
occupational health and safety issues. From his work in social
psychology, Michael has been actively promoting social justice,
gender equity, resolving workplace bullying, discrimination and
assisting community healing after Black Saturday catastrophic
events. He has published and promotes these issues and needs
in various international and local media outlets. Michael has seen
frsthand how quality amenities or lack thereof affect peoples lives,
well-being and connectedness within communities and within
this endeavour was an endorsed Liberal candidate in the 2010
state elections. He has had extensive governance experience and
has held numerous leadership roles and is a Fellow and recent
past Board Director of the Australian Psychological Society. In the
2010 Australia day Honours, Michael was awarded an OAM for his
services to psychology and the community of Australia.

O’SUGHRUE, Nathalie Nicole

As a single mother, a survivor of rape, addiction, bullying and
depression, I have a deep understanding of the issues in our society
and how we can minimise the harm/risk. In the last 20 years, I
have featured across a broad range of media discussing issues
including but not limited to; body image, mental health, sexual
assault and addiction. In the last 2 years I have worked mainly with
the disadvantaged (homeless, drug dependent, ex offenders, mental
health) to change their situation. I am 100% transparent about my
life experiences and deliver a powerful message straight into the
heart of each person who hears me speak. With over a decade of
strong sales and business management experience, I specialise in
implementing strategies to increase revenue in businesses. Leading
by example and repeatedly placing myself in the fring line, I will
continue inspiring, empowering and educating people to speak up
for their beliefs, remain true to themselves, and trust in change. I
am a refreshing pop of teal in a world of black and white and who
better to bring change in our city, then someone who understands it.
I am Nathalie Nicole and Now is the Time for Change.


Gary Morgan has lived and worked in Melbourne all his working
life – Roy Morgan is Australia’s oldest, largest and most trusted
consumer research company. I helped found the Committee for
Melbourne, and am frustrated when Council gets ‘bogged down’ in
compromise and hidden agendas that fail the interests of ratepayers
and residents. Melbourne lacks leadership. Council lacks a ‘moral
compass’. My policies will reinstate Melbourne as Australia’s leader
in business, retail, education, arts and tourism, increase community
safety and improve Council effectiveness. I will cut red tape,
stop Council waste and unnecessary expenditure. I will enforce
community safety with zero tolerance for drug dealers, street
gangs and graffti; ‘state-of-the-art’ traffc controls for reduced car
and bike traffc congestion and safer travel; stop urban ‘campers’
by helping the homeless fnd a home and job. I will prioritise
Melbourne’s heritage buildings and parks and stop the current
Queen Victoria Market ‘mega’ redevelopment to protect our history
and the needs of shoppers and stall holders. I belong to no political
party, and never have. I will engage honestly with all businesses,
community groups and State Government. I will respect the position
and get the job done.


I am a resident and artist living and working in Naarm (Melbourne).
As an artist and local resident, I offer a unique and exciting voice for
the City of Melbourne. Arts and Culture is the life blood of the City of
Melbourne and hold signifcant cultural and economic value for the
city. As artists, we also offer a political voice on issues facing the
City of Melbourne. I bring to the city creative ideas and a feminist,
intersectional viewpoint as a way to tackle issues of structural
diversity, planning and sustainability. As the city grows in population,
it is imperative that the council strive to make sure the city can be
a safe and accessible place for all people regardless of your gender,
sexuality or cultural and socioeconomic background. This means
taking seriously affordability issues including homelessness and
gentrifcation. If the city wants to harness arts and culture for its
economic value it needs to make sure it remains a place where
artists can afford to live and work.


Allan Watson, proprietor of Jimmy Watsons Wine Bar. Married with
two sons, working in the business. Appointed legend of Rutherglen,
Justice of the Peace, for over forty years, past Trustee of the World
Heritage Royal Exhibition Building, previous board member of The
Zoological gardens. Councillor of the City of Melbourne over several
terms and Lord Mayor 1993. On fathers death I commissioned
Robin Boyd to redesign the facade of 333 Lygon Street, which
now has Heritage protection. Key objectives as Lord Mayor are the
safety and a cleaner city and surrounds, and a sensitive restoration
of the Queen Victoria market. Improved amenities for residents
especially lighting and safety. Would keenly like to help resolve the
homeless position around the streets of the city, in conjunction with
the Salvation Army and the churches that are at the coal face of
the problem. My original maiden speech in the seventies led to the
introduction of disabled parking, which has blossomed to general
use. Would like to bring back stability to the present council to
transcend any petty and personal agendas


For over thirty years I have run a horse-drawn carriage business
servicing visitors to Melbourne. Council should make living and
working in Melbourne easier. For me it means a cleaner and safer
Melbourne. A place that we are proud to live, work or for people
to visit. I will work to help you to run your business better and
not make it harder. Small businesses need support and a voice
especially, for example, the traders of the Queen Victorian Market.
As a Councillor for the City of Melbourne and fellow small business
owner you can be assured that I will represent you, because I am
you. You wont have to tell me how hard it is to feel safe at night
when closing up or how hard it is to deal with Council red tape.
Because, I know. I have and continue to deal with it daily. Im not
a well-known business person, a celebrity or politician I am just a
small business owner trying to make a go of it. If you are looking
for a real voice who will represent your interests, I am here for you.


I have been a Councillor since 2012 and a City of Melbourne resident my entire adult life.
Melbourne is at a crossroads, growing faster than at any time since
the gold rush. I love this city’s eclectic mix of people, buildings
and experiences, but this is at risk from development that doesn’t
always consider long-term value, quality and sustainability.
Good design saves money: it makes buildings energy effcient
and affordable, and creates vibrant, walkable and interesting
streets. As your Lord Mayor I will fght for development that’s in
the public interest, free from developer and gambling donations.
I will champion a city that’s welcoming for everyone, and takes
homelessness seriously. I will ensure any Queen Victoria Market
renewal genuinely consults traders and the community, and retains
the market’s grittiness and heritage as an affordable, fresh food
market. As a hardworking Councillor with a track record of effective
collaboration with Councillors and the community, I can hit the
ground running, bring energy and transparency to the Lord Mayor’s
offce, and lead a Council with a healthy culture that delivers for
you, our residents, businesses and ratepayers.


The great transformation of the city over the past decade in
residential growth and technology infrastructure has severely
affected quality of life for our residents and crippled the governance
of our civic institutions. The impact of these erosions of our civic
consensus is similar to the modern experience of other great cities
of the post-industrial world, leading to the introduction of residentfriendly practices in high tourism cities such as Rome, Barcelona,
and Venice. Our planning for endless residential growth continues
to be a disaster, with our failure in responding to the stresses on
our civic society of population ?ow being most evident in the nonimplementation of the City of Melbourne Homelessness Strategy
developed in 2015. The Homelessness Strategy is still on the shelf;
city offcials have been frustrated by poor coordination and con?ict
between Councillors – and our homeless residents are paying
the price. Putting this strategy into effect is the frst step back
to resident led civic governance. I want our homeless residents
restored in the dignity of their relations with, and contributions to,
their community. There is no accountability and transparency in our
present leadership, and the results show. This must change

XIE, Qun


I’m an economist, accountant, executive director and “Taxation
Offcer of the Year” award winner. Melbournian for 25 years. Today,
we face the toughest challenges ever – cost of living, childcare and
schools, aging, health and security. Here my 10 point action plan to
address the issues as mayor: 1. Ensure everyone work at Melbourne
Council has the highest ethical standards, disciplined, hard working
to meet our community expectations. 2. Ensure childcare and
medical centers, schools meet the demand of our population. 3.
Establish a 1 billion “Business Development Fund” to help business
in needs, encourage new technology and investments, big events
and more tourists to Melbourne. 4. Start a “Vegetable Basket”
project, ensure enough vegetables on offer to keep you healthy. 5.
Establish a 200 million “Education Fund” to help our students. 6.
More community centers and volunteer groups for our aging society.
7. Team up with State Government and Victoria Police to start a
“Residents Safety” program, ensure our city on alert, safe and
secure. 8. To solve the housing and homelessness, will encouraging
community power. 9. More trees and parks. 10. A “Mayor Mailbox”,
also free “Excises Programs” for you.

ONG, Ken

I pledge to use my experience, abilities and knowledge gained from
my 8 years as a Melbourne City Councillor, to provide leadership to
deliver best outcomes for Melbourne. Melbourne is a city for people,
frst and foremost. It must be inclusive, caring and respectful of
all people. It must also be prosperous and do so sustainably. This
city is great and my passion is to make it an ever greater city.
This means better core services, amenities and infrastructure. I
commit to delivering these. Greater emphasis is now needed for
high quality planning and design. There must be a constant review
of the planning rules to ensure our city’s character, charm, history
and livability are not diminished. The Lord Mayor is a servant of the
city and its people. Besides leadership, it must show integrity and
respect for everyone. If elected, I will ensure that Council’s focus is
to service all the people of Melbourne whether residents, business
owners, workers, students or visitors. I am a progressive Liberal
but here, Melbourne comes frst. With my council experience, I will
hit the ground running. I ask you to vote 1 for me. Then put 2 for
Jennifer Yang. Thank you

POON, Bruce

The Animal Justice Party is determined to make Melbourne a city
that cares about its animals as well as its people. We should remove
horses and carriages from city streets altogether. City traffc is no
place for animals, nor their manure. Dogs, foxes and cats should
not have to suffer short painful lives for our fashion. We can lead
on this issue by stopping the sale of fur in our city. The fnning of
sharks for food is a cruel and wasteful practice, and we can again
lead by banning these products. For the citys human residents,
the rates are too high, and can be reduced for most if we return
to calculations based on site values, not capital improved values.
This also encourages development of the unused and derelict sites
within the city. We should also proceed with progressively covering
the train yards east of Russell Street. This would create a lot more
parklands, open space and gardens for people and animals. If you
are voting to support animals