Anthony van der Craats Candidate Statement

www.melbcity.blogspot.com     Independent “Ungrouped” Candidate

  • South Yarra, Resident of Melbourne since 1985
  • Senior Systems Analyst (ICT) and Migration Agent
  • Life member of the National Trust of Australia
  • Community Activist
  • Member of the Australian Labor Party.       


  • Open and transparent government, good governance and effective community consultation;
  • The need for electoral reform and review of external boundaries creating a Greater City of Melbourne;
  • Putting an end to the rorts, misuse and abuse of “JETsetTER” Councillor expenses used to promote  personal business interests; 
  • It’s time to  scrap the Lord Mayor’s Limo and
  • stop the provision of “free booze” to Councillors paid for by ratepayers – No more drunk Councillors or inebriated Lord Mayors; 
  • Reduced costs to businesses and residents alike. 
  • Share the Road – STOP Engineering congestion

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