Gillard attacked by Latham posing as a Journalist

Mark Latham, former and rejected Labor Leader, posing as a Journalist confronted Prime Minister Julia Gillard on Saturday in an extraordinary act of unprofessional behaviour which reflects poorly on the Channel Nine network.

Latham is not a professional Journalist as his behaviour demonstrated. It is not known if Latham is even a member of the AJA.

Latham’s actions were uncalled for and inappropriate.

Mark Latham lost the 2004 Federal Election and his standing within the Labor party is minimal, even less as a result of his actions yesterday. He appears to have been acting more out of spite and resentment then pursuing a professional journalsit career. Even Channel Nine was taken back by Latham’s abuse that the head of Nine called Julia Gillard to appology for Latham’s behaviour

ABC Insiders looks at the issue in its Sunday review.