LNP to put halt to Green inner City invasion?

There is growing concern that the Greens may do a deal to favour the Liberal National party in November’s State election.

This prospect of a deal comes as senior members of the National Party question the merit behind the Liberal party preferencing the Green’s Candidate Adam Brandt in the Federal Seat of Melbourne.

Pat McNamara, former National party Leader, has stated that he would prefer to see Bronwyn Pike and Dick Wynne elected then a Green Candidate. McNamara questioned what value was in it for the coalition to reference the Greens in inner city seats if there was no benefit or preference flowing back to the Coalition?

Analysis of the recent Federal Election results indicate that the Greens could win the seats of Melbourne and Richmond but only on the back of Liberal party preferences.

The Greens new alliance with the ALP Federally might come under closer scrutiny and generate some tension in the partnership as they decide who is their best bed partner in the State arena

We can expect some fast and hard horse trading between now and the November State poll,

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