Politics is becoming the preserve of professional careerists and
single-issue activists. I am neither. I have never been a member
of a political party, associated with a trade union or a developers’
lobby group. My only interest is in the people of Melbourne. Cities
and culture are my passions. For years I’ve been a guest presenter
on ABC radio, talking to leaders and listening to the people of
Melbourne. I understand the issues which make Melbourne tick.
My PhD in Anthropology, undertaken in the sprawling megacity
of Mumbai, asked the question ‘What makes community strong?’
My conclusion is just as applicable here: communities prosper
when they are connected to place; when their citizens can afford
the necessities of life; when their workers enjoy what they do and
outsiders are welcomed. My priorities if elected Melbourne’s frst
female Lord Mayor in almost 30 years – more than usually relevant
in this election – will be affordability, amenity, inclusion, safety and
integrity. Let’s address the culture of Town Hall, review the wrongheaded Victoria Market development, and above all work together.
Make Warhaft Lord Mayor. Let’s clean up the City of Melbourne.
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