XIE, Qun


I’m an economist, accountant, executive director and “Taxation
Offcer of the Year” award winner. Melbournian for 25 years. Today,
we face the toughest challenges ever – cost of living, childcare and
schools, aging, health and security. Here my 10 point action plan to
address the issues as mayor: 1. Ensure everyone work at Melbourne
Council has the highest ethical standards, disciplined, hard working
to meet our community expectations. 2. Ensure childcare and
medical centers, schools meet the demand of our population. 3.
Establish a 1 billion “Business Development Fund” to help business
in needs, encourage new technology and investments, big events
and more tourists to Melbourne. 4. Start a “Vegetable Basket”
project, ensure enough vegetables on offer to keep you healthy. 5.
Establish a 200 million “Education Fund” to help our students. 6.
More community centers and volunteer groups for our aging society.
7. Team up with State Government and Victoria Police to start a
“Residents Safety” program, ensure our city on alert, safe and
secure. 8. To solve the housing and homelessness, will encouraging
community power. 9. More trees and parks. 10. A “Mayor Mailbox”,
also free “Excises Programs” for you.

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