I am a resident and artist living and working in Naarm (Melbourne).
As an artist and local resident, I offer a unique and exciting voice for
the City of Melbourne. Arts and Culture is the life blood of the City of
Melbourne and hold signifcant cultural and economic value for the
city. As artists, we also offer a political voice on issues facing the
City of Melbourne. I bring to the city creative ideas and a feminist,
intersectional viewpoint as a way to tackle issues of structural
diversity, planning and sustainability. As the city grows in population,
it is imperative that the council strive to make sure the city can be
a safe and accessible place for all people regardless of your gender,
sexuality or cultural and socioeconomic background. This means
taking seriously affordability issues including homelessness and
gentrifcation. If the city wants to harness arts and culture for its
economic value it needs to make sure it remains a place where
artists can afford to live and work.

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