O’SUGHRUE, Nathalie Nicole

As a single mother, a survivor of rape, addiction, bullying and
depression, I have a deep understanding of the issues in our society
and how we can minimise the harm/risk. In the last 20 years, I
have featured across a broad range of media discussing issues
including but not limited to; body image, mental health, sexual
assault and addiction. In the last 2 years I have worked mainly with
the disadvantaged (homeless, drug dependent, ex offenders, mental
health) to change their situation. I am 100% transparent about my
life experiences and deliver a powerful message straight into the
heart of each person who hears me speak. With over a decade of
strong sales and business management experience, I specialise in
implementing strategies to increase revenue in businesses. Leading
by example and repeatedly placing myself in the fring line, I will
continue inspiring, empowering and educating people to speak up
for their beliefs, remain true to themselves, and trust in change. I
am a refreshing pop of teal in a world of black and white and who
better to bring change in our city, then someone who understands it.
I am Nathalie Nicole and Now is the Time for Change.

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