ONG, Ken

I pledge to use my experience, abilities and knowledge gained from
my 8 years as a Melbourne City Councillor, to provide leadership to
deliver best outcomes for Melbourne. Melbourne is a city for people,
frst and foremost. It must be inclusive, caring and respectful of
all people. It must also be prosperous and do so sustainably. This
city is great and my passion is to make it an ever greater city.
This means better core services, amenities and infrastructure. I
commit to delivering these. Greater emphasis is now needed for
high quality planning and design. There must be a constant review
of the planning rules to ensure our city’s character, charm, history
and livability are not diminished. The Lord Mayor is a servant of the
city and its people. Besides leadership, it must show integrity and
respect for everyone. If elected, I will ensure that Council’s focus is
to service all the people of Melbourne whether residents, business
owners, workers, students or visitors. I am a progressive Liberal
but here, Melbourne comes frst. With my council experience, I will
hit the ground running. I ask you to vote 1 for me. Then put 2 for
Jennifer Yang. Thank you

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