For over thirty years I have run a horse-drawn carriage business
servicing visitors to Melbourne. Council should make living and
working in Melbourne easier. For me it means a cleaner and safer
Melbourne. A place that we are proud to live, work or for people
to visit. I will work to help you to run your business better and
not make it harder. Small businesses need support and a voice
especially, for example, the traders of the Queen Victorian Market.
As a Councillor for the City of Melbourne and fellow small business
owner you can be assured that I will represent you, because I am
you. You wont have to tell me how hard it is to feel safe at night
when closing up or how hard it is to deal with Council red tape.
Because, I know. I have and continue to deal with it daily. Im not
a well-known business person, a celebrity or politician I am just a
small business owner trying to make a go of it. If you are looking
for a real voice who will represent your interests, I am here for you.

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