The great transformation of the city over the past decade in
residential growth and technology infrastructure has severely
affected quality of life for our residents and crippled the governance
of our civic institutions. The impact of these erosions of our civic
consensus is similar to the modern experience of other great cities
of the post-industrial world, leading to the introduction of residentfriendly practices in high tourism cities such as Rome, Barcelona,
and Venice. Our planning for endless residential growth continues
to be a disaster, with our failure in responding to the stresses on
our civic society of population ?ow being most evident in the nonimplementation of the City of Melbourne Homelessness Strategy
developed in 2015. The Homelessness Strategy is still on the shelf;
city offcials have been frustrated by poor coordination and con?ict
between Councillors – and our homeless residents are paying
the price. Putting this strategy into effect is the frst step back
to resident led civic governance. I want our homeless residents
restored in the dignity of their relations with, and contributions to,
their community. There is no accountability and transparency in our
present leadership, and the results show. This must change

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