BURGE, Michael

Michael Burge OAM has worked in the CBD since 1994. Following
teaching electronics, media and psychology, Michael continues
in private practice psychology involving treatment, organizational
leadership coaching and trauma training courses for psychologists.
He has also participated in extensive voluntary community
work. He was a member of the inaugural Federal Government’s
Educational Multicultural Task Force and the Sir Edward Dunlop
Medical Research Foundation. He has consulted for years in
occupational health and safety issues. From his work in social
psychology, Michael has been actively promoting social justice,
gender equity, resolving workplace bullying, discrimination and
assisting community healing after Black Saturday catastrophic
events. He has published and promotes these issues and needs
in various international and local media outlets. Michael has seen
frsthand how quality amenities or lack thereof affect peoples lives,
well-being and connectedness within communities and within
this endeavour was an endorsed Liberal candidate in the 2010
state elections. He has had extensive governance experience and
has held numerous leadership roles and is a Fellow and recent
past Board Director of the Australian Psychological Society. In the
2010 Australia day Honours, Michael was awarded an OAM for his
services to psychology and the community of Australia.

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