Candidate profile – Sergey Sizenko

Candidate Profile

Team: Light on the Hill
Immigrated to Australia in 1999. After a few years of working as a plasterer Sergey completed an additional legal study and was admitted to the legal practice in 2007.
Access to Justice and customer ability to control and dispute a raising costs of a legal services is my primary area of the legal practice, as the costs lawyer trading under name of Victorian Legal Cost Assessors.
Melbourne is a truly multicultural city. To be welcoming we need “Keep to the left” signs on all footpaths, and “We drive on the left-hand side in Australia”.
Safe underground pedestrian crossings are needed for Melbourne’s streets. The 21st century requires a modern and innovative attitude to solve the challenges that are presented by an increasing and vibrant population. Safety and convenience are paramount for both pedestrians and traffic.
The City has to be forward looking and nimble on its feet to maintain Melbourne’s status as the Most Liveable City in the world.
The Council must work collaboratively with developers and entrepreneurs. Large buildings must contribute to the infrastructure that helps to make our jewel safe and improve quality of life for residents and visitors.
We must look to other best case quality systems around the world, for example adopting the stricter Singaporean smoking and litter rules.
Melbourne should be for Melbournians first and for investors second. The streets should be cleaner and the buildings more presentable with readable numbers clearly marked.
City Council should not be a “rubber stamp”, but work with the innovators and all stakeholders in partnership to promote everyday real life improvements to make our city a better place. Driverless cars could be the norm within ten years. What does that mean for the City? We have to be ready and plan well now.
More schools, childcare centres, other recreational and educational institutions to the Docklands and other areas of the City. Protection of the sport facilities and parks against over-developments and without proper infrastructure in place.



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