Candidate Profile – Jim Ward

Candidate Profile

Team: Light on the Hill
I live in West Melbourne and have come to know and love the city, from the laneway coffee shops, to the city streets, parks and Victoria Market, which is about 150 metres from our front door.
It is a matter of great concern to me that residents’ voices should be heard. The
Council must be guided by the needs of the many, particularly those who call the city home.
The decisions made now dictate not only the present, but also the legacy we leave for future generations.
I am a survivor of the Longford Gas Explosion, and faced the torment of being blamed for the death and destruction that ensued. I learnt a lot about persistence and the
value of fighting for beliefs during the protracted battle which ultimately cleared my name.
I work in Occupational Health and Safety for a Union and have post-graduate qualifications in that area. If elected, I will fight for transparency and sensible decision-making that will shape a brighter future for the treasure that is Melbourne. My email address is
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