Data does not back up Cr Oake claim justifing rejection of proposal to hold an open public review of the design of Melbourne’s Bike Lanes

Melbourne City Councillor Cathy Oake who claimed last Tuesday that the St Kilda Road section between Princes Bridge and Linlithgow Avenue was one of the worst Bicycle accidents spots has been proved to be false and misleading.

Geo-Spatail data of bicycle accidents show that the section of St Kilda Road in which the City of Melbourne proposes to construct a Latrobe Street style 350m bike lane costing $330,000 is not a a major source of accidents.  There is growing concern and opposition to the roll out and implementation of Melbourne’s Bicycle plan. There are a number of shortfalls in the consultation process with major stakeholders not consulted in the formation of the policy including Motorcyclists and Emergency services. Cathy Oake was chairman of the City Council’s Transport Portfolio.

On Tuesday the City of Melbourne rejected a proposal to defer the development of the St Kilda Road Bike Lane and to undertake a comprehensive review of the Latrobe Street and Princess Bridge Bike lane developments.

The City of Melbourne failed to give due and proper consideration to the cheaper alternative “Chevron line delineated” bike lane design that would have allowed for 3-4Km safer bike path to be installed along St Kilda Road. The proposed 350m bike lane will do nothing to improve public safety.

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