CFMEU: Tuesday March for Safety

The CFMEU (Construction Forestry Mining Employees Union) and Victoria’s Trade Unions will be marching next Tuesday April 30 in support of Safety on Melbourne’s Building sites.  The  march begins at Trades Hall in Victoria Street,  and will proceed to the Swanston Street site of last month’s tragedy for a minute’s silence as a sign of respect.outside the GroCon CUB building site on Swanston Street.

The City of Melbourne still has not provided information why it had not issued a permit or inspected  the building site hoarding which collapsed on March 28.killing three innocent pedestrians.

Councillor Stephen Mayne, Chairman of the Council’s Finance and Governance portfolio, was unable to answer questions from the public last week if the City of Melbourne had issued a permit for the new hoarding or if it had inspected the site and if not why not?

The City of Melbourne continues to shift blame and avoid accountability for for its own failings. Public Safety is the prime directive and obligation of the City Council. Stephen Mayne describing public concerns about safety on the GroCon site as “Grandstanding”

Junkets Away: Most Travelled 2008-2012

The Melbourne City Council – High Cost Travellers
(Above $10,000)
Dec-2008 to December 2012

Total amount spent:

 $      1,200,714.00
Interstate and Overseas Travel
Name Cost
Kathy Alexander $83,671.25
Jane Sharwood S66,423.46
Robert Doyle $55,254.80
Peter Clarke $50,736.55
Alister Paterson $39,768.80
Susan Riley $27,084.08
Brian Shanahan $25,010.37
Scott Chapman $24,836.87
Amelia Bitsis $23,271.23
Kevin Louey $22,715.35
David Campbell $21,683.73
Geoff Robinson $21,167.06
Martin Cutter $20,903.21
Fran Kerlin $20,872.83
Barry McGuren $19,730.73
Simon Spain $18,031.48
Rob Adams $16,229.47
Cathy Oke $15,917.67
Janey Chu $15,540.04
Geoff Lawler $14,641.91
Krista Milne $12,891.08
Ken Ong $12,829.19
Rob Moore $12,820.80
Ralf Pfleiderer $12,113.28
Janina Harding $11,685.78
Alex Fearnside $10,963.06
Ian Winter $10,800.52
Shane McIllory $10,300.73
Michelle Isles $10,153.39

Individual Trips costing over $10,000
Name Cost From To
Kathy Alexander $32,199.83 07-Jun-12 19-Jun-12
Scott Chapman $24,181.87 20-Mar-09 04-Apr-09
Peter Clarke $20,566.58 10-Oct-09 17-Oct-09
Peter Clarke $18,159.67 28-Sep-10 07-Oct-10
Fran Kerlin $17,994.00 19-Jul-12 03-Aug-12
Robert Doyle $17,264.62 12-Dec-09 22-Dec-09
Amelia Bitsis $16,076.79 12-Dec-09 22-Dec-09
Janey Chu $15,540.04 13-Oct-10 23-Oct-10
Alister Paterson $14,167.41 12-Dec-09 22-Dec-09
Barry McGuren $14,127.15 23-Jul-12 29-Jul-12
Geoff Robinson $13,097.13 15-Mar-10 25-Mar-10
Brian Shanahan $12,676.53 12-Dec-10 18-Dec-10
Rob Moore $12,496.50 04-Apr-11 10-Apr-11
Jane Sharwood $12,254.89 11-Dec-10 18-Dec-10
Peter Clarke $11,431.66 05-Apr-11 09-Apr-11
Kevin Louey $11,313.63 17-Oct-10 27-Oct-10
Kathy Alexander $11,225.83 17-Oct-10 26-Oct-10
Susan Riley $11,157.38 17-Oct-10 26-Oct-10
Martin Cutter $11,134.51 13-Aug-11 20-Aug-11
Robert Doyle $10,782.34 08-Oct-11 14-Oct-11
Jane Sharwood $10,642.64 17-Oct-10 23-Oct-10
Jane Sharwood $10,519.00 19-Feb-12 27-Feb-12
Geoff Lawler $10,425.00 14-Nov-09 22-Nov-09
Alex Fearnside $10,092.49 12-Jun-09 26-Jun-09
Ralf Pfleiderer $10,000.00 07-May-12 29-May-12

 * Note: The City of Melbourne titles or departments as such we can not produce a High Cost Travelled Departments.  The Council goes out of its way to avoid disclosure and accountability 

Junkets Away: Councillors Overseas Travel

Five months late the City of Melbourne has finally published it’s Overseas and Interstate Travel costs for the term of the previous Council (Dec-2008 to Nov-2012)

Topping the bill of the most travelled Councillors is the Lord Mayor Robert Doyle

Interstate and Overseas Travel – Total
Councillor Cost
Robert Doyle $55,254.80
Peter Clarke $50,736.55
Susan Riley $27,084.08
Brian Shanahan $25,010.37
Kevin Louey $22,715.35
Cathy Oke $15,917.67
Ken Ong $12,829.19
Carl Jetter $3,956.08
Rob Adams $2,670.60
Jennifer Kanis $40.27