The Wall: ABC 7:30 report confirms what most of melbourne are asking

The ABC 7:30 report today highlights much of what we have been asking: Who is responsible for overseeing public safety in Melbourne building sites?

Three innocent victims walking down Melbourne’s  premier street were killed in an accident that should not have happened. A masonry wall and building site hoarding that had no permit or permission for its construction,  collapsed in a 76 to 105km/Hr gust of wind.

The new hoarding was erected just over 12 months ago.

The wall should have withstood the applied wind loading. Problem was it was attached to a plywood hoarding that was three metres high, 300 mm taller then the maximum height  permitted by the City of Melbourne guidelines and local laws allowed.   

The City Council ultimately is responsible for overseeing public safety and they failed in their duty of care and fulfillment of its statutory duty.

The City Council in a carefully crafted statement earlier this week stated that it did not issue a permit for the hoarding.  It also failed to inspect the site.  Had it done so three innocent people may be alive today.

The Melbourne City Council, with a department full of Engineers, turned a blind eye and failed to fulfill its statutory duty.

Confidence in the administration of the City Council is at an all time low.

Melbourne City Councilor, Steven Mayne, Chairman of the Council Governance portfolio dismissed community concerns about public safety and the need for an independent review of the City Council’s role and responsibility.

Cr Mayne claimed that  residents concerns were just grandstanding. 

MIA: Cr Watts

Melbourne City Councillor, Jackie Watts, missed last Tuesday’s  Melbourne City Council Future Melbourne Committee Meeting without any apology or explanation given.

It is rumored that Councillor Watts has some medical issues and has requested indefinite leave from the City Council.  (Not confirmed).  We are told her family has requested privacy during this time.

If Councillor Watts is unable to fulfill her elected duties then she should consider tendering her resignation and allow for a count-back to fill any extra-ordinary vacancy that may arise.

It is understood that Michael Kennedy, who was number two on the Morgan-Elliot ticket, would be elected on a count-back to replace Cr Watts should she resign.

Under the provisions of the Victorian Local Government Act

Section 69 

(1) An extraordinary vacancy is created if the office of a Councillor becomes
vacant because the Councillor-

(a) fails to take the oath of office of Councillor; or

(b) dies; or

(c) resigns in writing delivered to the Chief Executive Officer; or

(d) becomes incapable of continuing to be a Councillor; or

(e) ceases to be qualified to be a Councillor; or

(f) is ousted from office; or

(g) is absent from 4 consecutive ordinary meetings of the Council without
leave obtained from the Council