Mayne caught out holding secret meetings behind closed doors

Do as Stephen says not what he does.

Melbourne City Councillor and self proclaimed advocate for open transparent democracy, Stephen Mayne, has been caught out chairing a secret “behind closed doors” City of Melbourne Finance and Governance Committee Meeting.

Enjoyed 90 minute session this afternoon chairing first Finance and Governance committee meeting at City of Melb. Lots of meaty debate.
— Stephen Mayne (@MayneReport) February 7, 2013

Stephen Mayne tweeted today that he had in fact chaired a City Council Finance and Governance Committee Meeting.

No such meeting has been listed on the City Council’s web site. The meeting held was not advertised or open to members of the public as required under section 89 of the Victorian Local Government Act.

There is ongoing concern at the legality of City of Melbourne’s Council’s Secret Meetings and their non compliance with State laws.

Complaints to the Local Government Inspectorate on this issue is still pending review.,

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